This is a Garelli 98 from 1960, never a popular scooter.  Some of these were labelled as Capris but Agrati never took up the option and left them to Garelli to produce

This is a Capri Super 150 (despite what the sidepanel says) 


Now been sold and hopefully some new pictures on the way

This is a Capri 50 as imported in numbers to Germany.  The 50cc engine was tuned to 8.5HP which gave it over 50mph top speed, far outstripping its rivals, thus making it very popular.  It was only ever exported to Germany.  The backrack is worth a fortune too!!!

This is my recently completed Beast

Agrati Capri

Here is a Capri in a typical state.  As you can see the floorboards have rooted away, a very common occurrence.