Agrati Capri

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This last Capri is up for sale, she is either a 70, or an early 80 and is currently in Southern Arizona.

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They may be prepared to break her

This is the first time I have seen this scooter, a Capri built on license in Spain.  Here is the message from the owner:


This iīm Iņaki from North of Spain (Bilbao) and iI have one Motobic Stela 70cc. This scooter has made in  Eibar at first time and in Abadiano at last. My model has made in 1966 and the bodi and frame is similar to the Agrati capri 70 cc. s an unusual occurance. 


I know that several firms bought and rebadged the Capri as their own.  Elsewhere you will se an example from an Italian cycle company and a Finnish example, But this is the first time I have seen the scoter rebranded.