My other Capri 80, now fully restored, Taxed and MOT’d and recently sold

An Agrati Capri 125

This is a Capri in Finland, note the badges are different.  The reversal of the colours is fairly common, as you will see elsewhere on the site.  I don’t think this was a standard option in the UK

A selection of ‘original condition’ Capri’s


Note from these the condition of the legshields.  A result of fitting a rubber mat that collected water underneath and rusted away the floor.


This one is in Greece

Agrati Capri


Another example of rotten legshields

(or the result of rotten legshields I should say)

This is a ‘Before and After

This is the very same scooter some months after.  Owned and renovated by Paul Selsby.


This scooter is now up for sale.  Contact Paul at for details