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Agrati Capri

My  Capri 80s  with my daughter Holly

The Agrati Capri

Welcome to the new Agrati Capri website.  You may have visited my previous site, but it got to large as an ‘add-on’ we now have our own site.

My aim is to provide a source for pictures and information on this little scooter that holds a place in many people hearts.

After the second world war Agrati aquired the Garelli company.  Agrati were principly a bicycle company with numerous arms in many industries including farm machinery.  Garelli were a motorcycle and motorized bicycle company

At the 1959 Milan Fair, on the  Garelli stand, a compact scooter of 70 cc, named Capri was launched.  Very soon this vehicle was taken under the Agrati ‘wing’ and rebranded as the Agrati Capri.

A few months later, Agrati offered the Capri in a 125 cc version with the same body shell.  This scooter would not reach the export market for a few years. In 1960, wire wheels were replaced by pressed steel wheels and the capacity of 70 cc was raised to 80 cc. For the foreign markets  Agrati offered 50 and 98 ccc versions. The 50cc version was never officially imported into Britain, but had huge success in Germany.  In 1962, the 125 cc was re-modelled, with more ’slimstyle’ characteristics and renamed, in the UK as the Super, and at home and in America as the De Luxe.  A little later a 150 was introduced, later models of which were called the Monoco in the USA.  Production continued until 1973.

Just to confuse things further, in 1960 Garelli bought out its own range of scooter, originally called the Capri .  Agrati never ‘accepted’ this machine, despite its very progressive look and it was subsequently known juat as the Garelli scooter.  It was never a success, thus proving Agrati correct.



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I have discovered that the Capri was manufactured on license in Argentina where it was called the Garelli Lido.

They have large amounts of spares suitable for the 70 and 80
(being able to speak Spanish is helpful)
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